About Us

Haa Haa Pty Ltd is a brand new scooter hire company located in Sydney’s Inner West, providing state of the art scooters at an affordable rate. Our scooters are available for hire across Sydney and can be used for various activities, including an easy way to commute, deliveries for work or simply for some personal leisure.

Attached to our scooters are a range of accessories that are usable for free when hiring the scooter. Some of these accessories include a ‘Haa Haa’ branded helmet, and a phone holder.

Haa Haa strives to provide it’s customers with the best possible experience, and prides itself on ensuring the safety and satisfaction of it’s customers. Haa Haa seeks to provide unparalleled customer service, providing regular servicing and maintenance of the scooters, and no lock-in contracts.

In addition to our scooter hire, Haa Haa also provides electric bike hire. Our range of electric bikes make it easier than ever to get around for leisure or delivery purposes, with the pedal assist mechanism allowing riders to enjoy the benefits of a high quality e-bike in an enjoyable and effort-free manner.

Haa Haa’s scooters and e-bikes are convenient methods of transport that will be of particular assistance to food delivery drivers. Delivery drivers will have access to an array of convenient accessories that come with our scooters and e-bikes, and have the opportunity to drive a high quality state of the art vehicles at an extremely affordable rate.

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