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Haa Haa provides sustainable transportation options for the e-commerce industry. We are on a mission to provide carbon free affordable transportation options. We provide short, or long-term rental options (min 4 weeks) for gig-riders, businesses and consumers. We are at the forefront of compliance and safety and offer the only comprehensive training in the industry.

Are you in the business to make the world greener?

Are you also in the business of making the world greener? Do you hope to change the way people move around the world? Let’s get together and join forces to create a future where transportation, affordable and carbon-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Haa Haa support services strive to continuously improve!

You can pay online using debit/credit card. You can also pay at the hub station during your vehicle pick up.

You must have a current rider’s licence, a form of id that shows your name, address and photo i.e passport, Australian driver’s license, International driver’s license, photo id/card for Motorbike/Scooter hire.

Our e-bikes hire come with one helmet and phone holder with each booking.

The second helmet is provided, if needed and is subject to an additional fee.

Your motorbike rental can be pick up at Motor Serve South Strathfield.

Your scooter rental can be pick up at the following locations:
Sydney - Motor Serve South Strathfield.
Melbourne - 613-615 Gilbert Rd, Reservoir Victoria 3073

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Its easy and free.
Come and join the Haa haa team, we are revolutionising the industry through technology and the best equipment on the market.

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